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We’re a hedge fund and also a company that specializes in offering trading education and signals. W're open to everyone & we invest in Forex, Cryptocurrencies and all alternative assets. Our offices are in Singapore, Paris and Kenya. Our team members are spread across every continent. We’re a team of 38 – investors, economists, researchers, engineers and marketers. We oversee assets exceeding $400 million for clients across 26 different countries. Open an account today and start enjoying passive income. We generate over 16% returns per Calendar month and pay returns promptly.

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We are a global investment manager dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial well being

Integrity, Independence and Innovation are our pillars of success. Welcome to Verified Traders. Best performing AI hedge fund with over $400m in invested client capital and thousands of clients from across the globe. Monthly passive income is 8% to 14% of your deposit.