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We stake your Crypto, we invest your $$ in Oil, Forex, Bonds and Alternative Assets......

Our Traders and Researchers work tirelessly to ensure your financial success…..



Over $1.3b funds in management


A trader's lifestyle is fun. Leave the hard-work to us and we will take care of everything.

Our platform uses automated trading software to scan markets with opportunities. We use arbitrage trading to extract profits from price descrepancies.

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Our Investment Packages

Choose how you want to invest with us

Standard for Beginners and ideal for investors who want to take their first profit in 1 hour. Access to network events, golf events, athletic events, investment seminars, business workshops


1 Hours

  • Min. Possible deposit: BTC0.069
  • Max. Possible deposit: BTC0.17
  • BTC0.034 Minimum return
  • BTC0.069 Maximum return
  • BTC300 Gift Bonus
Premium Forex is ideal for investors who want something like a savings account where their funds can grow through compounding. We can double your investments in 90 days!


3 Months

  • Min. Possible deposit: BTC0.17
  • Max. Possible deposit: BTC0.34
  • BTC0.34 Minimum return
  • BTC0.17 Maximum return
  • BTC500 Gift Bonus
Premier Exclusive events including exclusive whisky tasting, movies and lifestyle events, VIP access to all major airports lounges worldwide, Exclusive Platinum Debit Card


2 Weeks

  • Min. Possible deposit: BTC0.34
  • Max. Possible deposit: BTC3.4
  • BTC0.17 Minimum return
  • BTC2.5 Maximum return
  • BTC1000 Gift Bonus

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